THE BLOOMSHED is a theatre company run out of a backyard shed in suburban Carnegie. 
Deconstructing classic texts to reimagine them as surreal landscapes, the core team is made up of writers, performers, visual artists and devisors. 

The group is also invested in the development of new writing, in a discourse between writers and devisers.


The market is a wind-up toy [2018]


Directed by: James Jackson

Written by: Lindsay Templeton and James Jackson

Dramaturg: Elizabeth Brennan

Performed by:

Edan Goodall

Imogen Walsh

Emily O’Connor

Livv Bishop

Sam Nix

James Malcher

Sound Designer: Justin Gardam 

Lighting Designer: John Collopy

Performed at Theatre Works and Old 505 Theatre, September - October, 2018


"An unapologetically raucous night spent skewering the economic status quo."


”Political theatre dredged from the crisis of late capitalism...”

“...a mess of punk protest theatre, spoken word, sketch comedy, maniacally choreographed dance routines and surreal allegory.”

“The piece seethes with surrealism like a fever dream.”

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